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About Us

For many years now the pearl jewellery trade has grown and grown, there are around 10-15 NEW pearl businesses starting up every day! In a flooded market not many consumers know who to trust or who exactly is out there… So here’s where The Pearl Hub comes in, designed to help consumers and pearl businesses The Pearl Hub is going to be split into two sections.
The first section will be a pearl business directory that all general public will be able find their closest pearl businesses, this will be the perfect opportunity for pearl businesses to advertise their business to local & national customers all in one place. We will be offering awesome tools at your disposal like The Pearl Hub TV what will also be shown to the general public, featuring your live streams from Facebook and much more!

The second half will be solely for pearl businesses… Featuring another directory tool for pearl business services like drillers, wholesalers and more to help you establish business links and ultimately provide a better service to your customers. On the members section of the pearl hub we will be deploying a state of the art dashboard what will give you all the information you need on what’s going on in the pearl word, the latest news in the blog and one of the most advanced features yet a very own professionally personalised eCommerce website packed with everything you need to keep your business running smoothly online.

Gain More Customers

We’re making it easier than ever for consumers to find a local pearl business.

Business Boosting Tools

Everything on the pearl hub is designed for you and your business, laying down vital foundations to grow faster.

Pearl Hub TV

Show the world over how fun and exciting your pearl live really are, on pearl hub tv we will be showing your lives to everyone around the world!

Huge Time Saver

Just starting out? Save months of work looking for the right driller, wholesalers and more with our services directory. Look more professional than ever will a professionally designed ecommerce website made by a UK Web Studio.

The Pearl Hub concept, idea and process was thought of by Philip Matthews on 12th October 2017 witness to this statement is NU Web Studio who implement this idea on 7th December 2017.